--- Comment #2 from Brion Vibber <> ---
I've got a Flash version working in modern browsers and IE 9; should be able to
tweak the JS side until it works in IE 6/7/8.

The <video>/<audio>-alike API for the player needs more polish before I'm ready
to try dropping ogv.js/ogv.swf into TMH, but it's coming along very well!

Note that the JavaScript version works without Flash for current
Safari/Chrome/Firefox, but does require a small Flash shim for audio output on
IE 10/11; it may be simplest to just use the all-Flash version whenever Web
Audio API is not present, thus:

Native <video>/<audio> available and supports Ogg/WebM?
  -> use native
  * current Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Have typed arrays and Web Audio?
  -> JavaScript ogv.js
  * Safari 6.1/7 on Mac
  * Safari on iOS 7

Have Flash?
  -> use Flash ogv.swf + JS wrapper
  * IE 6/7/8/9/10/11
  * Safari <=6 on Mac
  * other really old browsers

  -> link out to download/directions

Note also that some of my test devices have trouble playing 360p videos:
* 32-bit iOS devices (iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 3)
* Surface RT (Tegra 3-based tablet)
* Dell Inspiron Duo (old Atom-based mini laptop/tablet)

These play audio and 160p videos acceptably.

Note that alternate iOS browsers have all the plumbing for playback but are too
slow due to the JIT being disabled by Apple; may need to blacklist iOS
non-Safari browsers.

Also still need to poke at iOS 6 to either get it working or blacklist it.

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