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(In reply to Bawolff (Brian Wolff) from comment #2)
> Kind of unclear what happened there,
> given the page is now moved/deleted. Perhaps there were page entries for
> both variants, but the proper variant was broken (e.g. It was fully uploaded
> to the wrong é, but as part of the process, it was partially uploaded to the
> correct é too). Hard to know.

Sorry about "crime-scene contamination", I guess I was trying to fix the
problems without calling the cavalry. Let me try to recall some of the actions
related to this file:
* When I find the file it was a thumbnail in the "Artwork" template category
for files using unsupported parameters
I could not edit the file since it was deleted. The deleted file did not have
any media and the only description was "x".
* I asked about it, and was eventually pointed to Village pump discussion,
where user:Rillke and others dig out some more strange facts about the image,
including link to the full version and description wikicode.
* After some time I reuploded the media (taken from
and added the file description based on|revisions|imageinfo&pageids=31451688&format=jsonfm&rvprop=content|flags|ids|user|comment&iiprop=url|user|timestamp|comment|dimensions
* At this point the file was still odd: It claimed to be a duplicate of itself,
Categories could be added and removed, but I can not remove it from the
"Artwork" category. It looked like there were 2 files with the same name.
*After half a day User:Jheald moved the file to it's present name with correct
*Afterwards I deleted the redirect page associated with old name.

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