--- Comment #160 from Stu Derby <> 2010-03-12 01:32:28 UTC ---
Re: comment 159 

While the suggested patch clearly dramatically improves the page title sorting,
it doesn't make it 100% correct for all "European languages" though it may make
it so for some, and I think it would be an improvement for all but the Nordic

The different European languages have different and conflicting collation
sequences; no single order will work for all of them.

For example:

German speakers expect "Ö" and "O" to collate as equivalents; Danes,
Norwegians, and Swedes expect "Ö" to be treated as a separate letter that sorts
after "Z".

French has an unusual collation rule; the last accent on a word is more
significant than the first, leading to this collation:
cote < côte < coté < côté. This is unique to French, so far as I know.

Hungarian sorts the combination "dzs" after the combination "dz" (i.e.
"foodzsbar" should sort before "foodzbar" in Hungarian).

In Estonian, "Z" sorts as an equivalent to "S".

Etc. etc. etc.

The suggested patch may be very appropriate for individual Wikimedia
installations, but is not so as part of the proper fix.

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