--- Comment #163 from T. Gries <> 2010-03-12 21:47:56 UTC ---
(In reply to comments #159 and #160)
> While the suggested patch clearly dramatically improves the page title 
> sorting,
> it doesn't make it 100% correct for all "European languages" though it may 
> make it so for some, and I think it would be an improvement for all but the 
> Nordic
> languages.... Norwegians, and Swedes expect "Ö" to be treated as a separate 
> letter that sorts after "Z".

Yes, I know this, too.

> The suggested patch may be very appropriate for individual Wikimedia
> installations, but is not so as part of the proper fix.

Thanks for pointing out. I must admit, that you are _fully_ right, also knowing
of the collation differences. We developers should collaboratively think to
find a satisfying solution for the "collation problem".

This could be done in Berlin during the Wikimedia Developer Workshop 2010, held
on April 14.-16. in Berlin, Germany, as part of the Wikimedia Conference 2010.

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