--- Comment #2 from Erik Zachte <> ---
I reckon prio 'high' is for assessment of requirements and doability. So
without further ado some questions here: 

Lydia, can you please explain in more detail what this is about? The link above
just points to some structured data file, without any further explanation. Is
this a data dump for one article? Just guessing.

Statistics split by format. Do I understand correctly you want as many monthly
totals as there are formats, no further granularity (I hope so).

Where to find those numbers? Is there a table or api log which stores api
requests, that you know of? Or should we be look at general traffic logs? We
have 1:1000 sampled squid log reports (that would only work if api requests
come by 100,000's per month, also those are more or less frozen in a partially
functional state, as new infrastructure for traffic analysis is still expected
to happen soonish).

Thanks for follow-up.

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