--- Comment #29 from Jeremy L Grajales <> ---
(In reply to Jon from comment #9)
> If someone can help me get Chrome driver setup maybe I can find a way around
> this... does delaying the opt in event with a wait help at all Chris?

I also added a "sleep 5" below line 79 in common_steps.rb to see if that would
resolve anything. Not sure if that is what you were suggesting to do. 

(In reply to Jeremy L Grajales from comment #28)
adding that delay didn't change any of the previous results on Firefox

(In reply to Chris McMahon from comment #27)
> (03:53:51 PM) csteipp: So yeah, either the user doesn't have a session,
> wsMobileToken in the session is getting overwritten, or the form isn't
> correctly sending the token

I think this is heading in the right direction. My only objection to this is
that when I attempt to reproduce this manually, everything works fine. This
seems like a test handling error and not a session issue. Wouldn't a session
issue affect all tests manual/automated?

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