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Spent a few hours today researching EXIF filtering. First some background...

We allow uploading from the following mobile browsers:
* iOS Safari 6 and 7
* Android browser 3 and 4
* Blackberry 10 browser
* IE Mobile 10

Of those, the vast majority of uploads come from iOS Safari and Android

iOS Safari 6 and 7 both strip out all EXIF data from photos except for
Orientation, ColorSpace, PixelXDimension, and PixelYDimension. Android browser
does not appear to strip any EXIF data.

I did a random sampling of copyrighted images on the web. Most of them had no
EXIF data whatsoever, but several had ColorSpace, PixelXDimension, and

There are also a couple apps available for Android (like Image Privacy) that
strip all the EXIF data from your photos.

Given this information, we could probably block upload of all images without
any EXIF data without blocking a large percentage of legitimate uploads. Such a
block would not be foolproof, however, and would still allow a large number of
copyvios to get uploaded.

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