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We're also doing analysis as to what call to actions produce more deleted
images, that way we can also analyze UI level fixes to this issue. 

I'm thinking right now that we can first try an EXIF filter where we WARN users
instead of just blocking them outright based on EXIF data. i.e. 

iPhone uploads we look for EXIF Data: Orientation, ColorSpace, PixelXDimension,
and PixelYDimension

And other photos have a more stringent requirement like Kaldari is proposing. 

In addition to this we can look at BLOCKING images that both lack EXIF data and
have multiple tineye matches. But yes we will need to investigate how feasible
using tineye is. I've emailed them about using their API and if we would be
able to do that for free given this is a non-commercial enterprise.

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