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I have studied this problem yesterday, and IMHO there is an issue with editing
blurred dates. First think to know is that it is possible to edit precisions of
dates (precision, before after,...) with a bot and to access to those data in
json or xml. A very good point. But

On the interface we cannot see those precisions of a date and manually bad
correction can be done. Furthermore we can have the same restitution for
different dates. Written  "1150" precision "century", "12.century" is
displayed. Written  "12.century", "12. century". But data stored are diffrent :
1150, precision 7 and 1200 precision 7 for the second. There is a risk that, as
contributors, we are curently editing a date in different ways for a same
value. If we read the model description "1580" precision "decade" means a
decade precision on a date from a year (minus or plus), which is a different
interval of the  "1580s" displayed (maybe am I wrong on this point). Another
problem is that some contributors use P580-start date and P581-end date.

Finally blurred dates that we are currently editing are not homogeneous and we
can not neither see or correct them on the interface. A solution for a good
editing blurred date with the data_type model would be great. I hope these
comments could be helpful.

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