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(In reply to Maryana Pinchuk from comment #7)
> 1) If I'm an oversighter, I can suppress other users' Flow entries. This
> shows up in my contributions (with a strikethrough) when I'm looking at my
> contribs with my oversighter privileges <- if I understand you correctly,
> Dan, this is not feature parity with mediawiki, but it's not a huge deal
> because it *is* a legit contribution, and users without oversighter
> privileges can't see this in my contribs.

A placeholder is left in your contributions if you suppress a Flow post, but
not if you suppress anything else, which results in poor UI consistency for
supression. I think that's is important, but it's not breaking in the sense
that suppression isn't working.

So I'd say correct on all counts.

> 2) If I'm not an oversighter, I can't see anything that's been suppressed in
> Special:Contribs at all, whether those are my contributions or another
> users' contributions.
> But! On ee-flow wiki, as a non-oversighter, I do see a placeholder that
> something has been suppressed in the contribs of a user who's had a main
> namespace (non-Flow) revision oversighted. (E.g., the second contrib from
> the top here:
> Not sure if
> this is because we have ee-flow configured differently from enwiki or not...

True. That's because you didn't suppress the username. Using granular
suppression, if the username of a contribution is suppressed, then that
contribution no longer appears in the contributions for that user, otherwise
it'd defeat the point of the suppression.

Look again on ee-flow while logged out, and you'll see it's totally disappeared
from your contributions. The reason for that is I did a full suppression, which
includes username suppression.

Suppression in Flow is not granular. So you should be consistent with the
behaviour of full suppression, not partial suppression.

That said, on ee-flow, if you're an oversighter then you can still see the
contribution in Special:Contributions with it marked as not being publicly
visible, but if you're on the English Wikipedia then it just doesn't appear at
all. I'm unsure what mechanism in the software causes that difference, so I
don't know how you'd make Flow aware of that.

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