--- Comment #52 from Minh Nguyễn <> ---
So far, the general sentiment from the Vietnamese Wikipedia community has been
that the added difficulty of distinguishing diacritics vastly outweighs any
readability improvements from using actual Vietnamese words instead of English
words or random letters. Moreover, there is skepticism that the wiki even has a
problem with CAPTCHA-solving bots. These are gut feelings rather than hard
data, of course, but I can imagine a couple changes that would mitigate the
community's concerns:

1a. Minimize or eliminate distortions in Vietnamese. High-quality OCR solutions
like Google's already have enough difficulty with clear, undistorted Vietnamese
1b. Alternatively, strip diacritics *before* display and accept diacritic-less
input. There would likely be no change in difficulty for bots, but Vietnamese
users would still be able to employ their knowledge of Vietnamese spelling
2. Provide an option to solve a standard English CAPTCHA. (Not sure what the
default should be.) Many websites that require CAPTCHAs offer some alternative
for accessibility; Vietnamese CAPTCHAs with diacritics would be insurmountable
to those with declining eyesight.

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