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> I'm uploading a new attempt with
> Arimo font, please check if it's any better.

Yes, it’s better. The only severe ambiguity I ran into was:

h or n? Knowing the word, it’s n, but it sure looks like h:

Another issue for Vietnamese: the  ̃ and  ̉ diacritics can look like each other
when stacked over  ̂ and distorted. The southern dialect merges the two tones
into  ̉, so southerners won’t always be able to rely on the words they know to
resolve the ambiguity. I’ve asked the Vietnamese Wikipedia community for
feedback on this issue: [[vi:Wikipedia:Thảo luận#Việt hóa các hình CAPTCHA]].

Finally, many Vietnamese Wikipedia users rely on an IME script embedded via a
gadget, but gadgets are disabled at [[Special:UserLogin/signup]]. We’d need to
port the (rather complex) IME to ULS to keep the signup form accessible.
Otherwise, as others have mentioned on the mailing lists, there will have to be
an option to fall back to an English CAPTCHA.

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