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We already had similar requests previously and I am the one that rejected them:

Bug 27839 - Offer 460px and 620px as thumbnail size preferences
Bug 41712 - hewiki asks to change default image sizes for thumb and gallery
Bug 47332 - en.Wikivoyage: increase default image thumb size 

The reason for rejecting such requests is on and I am copy pasting
it there:

 Here is a summary I have posted on Gerrit change #31580 which is based off a
discussion we had in a restricted mailing list:

It is not reasonable for us to handle different thumbnail sizes per wiki for
the following reasons:
- we keep thumbnails forever currently, the more we have the more disk space it
- different sizes lower the cache hit rate which in turns cause...
- ... a CPU cost on the cluster to generate a thumbnail, varying the sizes
cause more and more thumbnails generations
- whenever a file is updated, we have to purge each thumbnails ever generated

The consensus among the engineering team is to standardize the thumbnails to a
few well known formats and have the scaling being done by the web browser.  We
could let the mobile clients scale up small thumbnails (to save bandwidth) and
desktop scale down larger thumbnails (to get nicer pictures).

So I am sorry to say it, but that changes will not land on the live cluster.

There is a few more details on the RFC
though we haven't pushed to find a solution.  I wrote the document as a
reference to discard requests to raise the thumbnail limit.

Sorry.  Feel free to bring the subject again on wikitech-l.

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