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Lets just reword this:

The community really wants an option for bigger images and doesn't want to
wait, The foundation wants bigger images by defat but needs months more to
decide where it truly wants to go, before it wants to dedicate resources on the
complicated process that is required to realize any sort of more substantial

Can we not just, for ALL wikis:
* remove a few small sizes from the thumb options
* delete their thumbs
* Add one larger size (360 ?)
* Not change the default for the thumb size

Other than human effort, this should be a differential of almost 0 (or at most
a few gigabytes).

This would probably keep the communities OK for a few more months, while we all
debate over a more permanent solution (and keep sending users from the front
desk to the information desk, to the helpdesk). At the very least, sending the
common user to wikitech-l doesn't seem like the right response either.

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