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(In reply to nageh from comment #19)
> So far I have ignored all these bug reports, and it seems for good. It is
> funny how much I am blamed here for all these bugs while clearly my code has
> had it right from the very start. The heuristic is not about selecting
> centered or left-aligned maths, it is about deciding the way big operators
> are rendered. From the very first day my script had included as part of the
> MathJax config environment
> displayAlign: "left"
> It seems that all my work was in vain, as if it hadn't existed at all. Sigh,
> I shall not read any of these comments.

I'm not sure where you see that you are blamed. I think everybody recognize
your efforts with client-side MathJax on MediaWiki. But if the MathJax option
has never been enabled by default, there are good reasons (e.g. performance
just to mention one of them). So Moritz has done an awesome work to implement
server-side conversion, improves the texvc situation and more. Unfortunately,
this is a big and complicate change and review has been slow. The goal is to
have the traditional inline mode / display mode that we find in math documents
and the default/current MediaWiki rendering "inline displaystyle". This handles
whether the equation is centered or not and whether the displaystyle is used or
not. Moritz has done several versions and branches to try to get the patch
accepted and things may have been broken in the battle. Again, I don't think
anyone blamed you. I'm sorry to see that you take that personally, instead of
encouraging Moritz (and others)'s effort.

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