--- Comment #8 from John Mark Vandenberg <> ---
Assuming ISO language codes are part of the family would be quite a
sophisticated strategy.  That type of logic would be easily applied when
creating the Link object; e.g. creating a Link object even if no Site object
can be created.

A dumber version of that is for the family to register multiple domains /
regexes in a class variables, and the family class then assumes any matching
domain name is a member of the family, and create Site objects accordingly.

I expect we want to add a few classes to help us group types of families, and
the functionality they contain.  The most distinct type of family is the one
with ISO codes for different languages of the project.  MutlilangFamily /
ISOLangFamily ?
those families usually include a non-ISO-code project, e.g.,, and , however
the last two could be/should be given the 'mul' ISO language code, and treated
differently of course. (doesnt work) and (redirecter only). bug
41807/ bug 62717/ etc.

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