--- Comment #7 from Platonides <> 2010-09-27 15:34:01 UTC 
(In reply to comment #4)
> This action actually has the same effect as requesting a diff between the
> latest accepted revision, and the latest revision

FlaggedRevs::getPageCache() already keeps a cache of the last stable revision,
although it's not used when presenting a diff with that *target* revision.

Note that Bawolff is right. When the users click the "Review" they will arrive
at a diff which will display below the *current* version (even if they normally
wouldn't per their preferences), for which the parser cache will be used if
You can easily confirm in the source "Saved in parser cache with key

(In reply to comment #5)
> The parser cache caches the parser output (rendered HTML plus metadata like
> links, used templates and used images) for a variety of parser options (e.g.
> whether to show [edit] links, whether to use weird redlinks with a ? at the
> end, etc.) but only for the latest version of each page. The expiry time will
> be an hour or so if time-dependent magic words like {{CURRENTDAY}} are
> involved, but is generally set to never. When a page is visited for the first
> time after having been edited, MW will notice the parser cache entry is stale
> (because it's older than the newest revision) and reparse the page. As a
> consequence, ParserCache::get() can only fetch the latest revision of a page.

A bit of nitpicking: Parser output is not "stored forever" but for
$wgParserCacheExpireTime, whose default is one day but in WMF is set to two
weeks in InitialiseSettings.php. Duesentrieb also added more fine grained
expirings but I think the magic words don't benefit from it yet. And the ? or
red link is luckily CSS magic, not a parser cache option.

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