--- Comment #10 from Ryan Kaldari <> 2010-09-28 21:31:03 
UTC ---
The original banner parsing code was prefixed with a warning declaring it "A
god-damned dirty hack" by whoever wrote it, so it wasn't actually my subjective
opinion :)

I agree that using parser functions for all the uses you describe probably
makes more sense than Javascript. I just wasn't aware those functions were
needed in CentralNotice banners. Going on the information that I had (that we
just needed a way to output the site name), I thought it made sense to throw
out the parser hack (that was also causing problems with message caching) and
just support $sitename as a sort of custom variable. Oh well, hindsight's
20/20. At least with the new banner loading system we can now do geotargeting,
get real banner impressions, test banners within local wikis, and it doesn't
break on secure servers. Trading 4 bugs for 1 isn't so bad is it?

And thanks for the apology. It's frustrating to get criticism without
elaboration or explanation. Constructive criticism is always welcome, however

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