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--- Comment #6 from 2010-09-29 20:05:43 UTC ---
What trick is 'This'? It seems there are at least 2 'thises' being discussed.

Browsers are capable of making the main issue work as it should.
If you wish to make a case to the contrary, please explain or discuss.
Perhaps I can help find a way.
If you have bug reports handy to the relevant deficiencies of the browsers,
that would be best. Pointing to the aforementioned trick documentation would be

The current implementation not "working" as well as it could.
Designing a user interface goes beyond WORKSFORME.

Marking this report as INVALID is invalid.
Marking this report as WONTFIX is, in my estimation, unnecessary.

Tell about what problem(s) you encounter so that we can fix it.
I have written HTML & CSS, but I do not know of anything preventing making text
legible. Text is a fundamental thing. This is an important issue to get

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