--- Comment #11 from 2010-10-17 08:47:56 UTC ---
I don't understand why, and it is probably not important, but Monobook looked
slightly larger.  Maybe it was a different typeface.

I don't know in what way it "doesn't work well" at low resolutions.  Some times
clipping happens which is also undesirable; a narrow column of only 10
characters for body text is also impractical. Nothing stops users from
decreasing their font size settings to a size that is suitable for them if they
are comfortable reading smaller type: in fact that is the sensible premise.

For users with narrow screens there are skins also exist which do not have the
column to the left of the article: MySkin at least. There is also

I have tested size of 1em by using the feature in FireFox for enforcing a
minimum font size.  It works well with Vector.

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