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MZ, its great to see someone standing up and taking on this huge project
that so many feel so passionately about. I can't wait for the day when I
can switch off the mobile site.

Goodluck on the new project you're starting!

Oh, a couple notes on things that will make it hard to get into the current
architecture (and no one ever seems to think of).

Right now, each path comes back with a single resulting HTML page. Except,
on mobile, we have up to 20 different pages that might come back as determined
by the user agent. Some of them are 'similar' pages to each other (aka, most
style browsers get something similar with only small tweaks) and others are
different formats.

That doesn't mean that you can't use PHP for it. Ruby presents no advantages
But, it does mean that its extremely difficult to use the mainline wikipedia
as its kind of a 'simple case' setup.

Oh right, and a ton of different mobile applications (and other third party
use the software's API. Its the API that our native phone apps use and others
have taken
to use it. So, most of the popular native phone apps on all platforms use the
site's API. Its pretty simple, but you have to make sure that you either
communicate updates
with all of them or mimic the current API as to not seriously break stuff.

Goodluck on the "Big Re-Write!"

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