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> MZ, its great to see someone standing up and taking on this huge project
> that so many feel so passionately about. I can't wait for the day when I
> can switch off the mobile site.

Hi! I don't think I'll be the person working on this (though stranger things
have happened). If this sits around long enough, it might make for a really
nice Google Summer of Code project, though. I've listed it here:  (You could
even be a mentor!)

> Right now, each path comes back with a single resulting HTML page. Except,
> on mobile, we have up to 20 different pages that might come back as determined
> by the user agent. Some of them are 'similar' pages to each other (aka, most
> webkit style browsers get something similar with only small tweaks) and
> others are entirely different formats.

Are these differences documented? Also, is it possible currently to emulate
these settings without faking the user-agent? Perhaps with a URL parameter of
some kind for easier debugging? Having a way to A-B test would certainly make a
rewrite easier. :-)

> Oh right, and a ton of different mobile applications (and other third party
> applications) use the software's API. Its the API that our native phone apps
> use and others have taken to use it. So, most of the popular native phone
> apps on all platforms use the current site's API. Its pretty simple, but you
> have to make sure that you either communicate updates with all of them or
> mimic the current API as to not seriously break stuff.

Good point. I didn't realize that the current mobile site had an API. I added
keeping the API working to the rewrite specifications here:

How is the API accessed and is it documented anywhere?

> Goodluck on the "Big Re-Write!"


(In reply to comment #3)
> I think they can mostly be replaced with skins (which should branch
> appropiately).

I added this idea here:

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