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There are 3 basic skins:

* Webkit style (for iphone/android/palmOS and other touch based devices, but
also Wii which uses Opera )
** Relative differences between the devices has to do with size of the search
field, input element with type search vs. input type text, webkit2 vs. webkit3
(issues with positioning of search button If i remember correctly. Most of
these styles use Javascript collapsable buttons for the sections.
**Depending on screensize limitations, images are either full screenwidth or
allow text flowing beside them.
** Wii uses a simpler version of this skin, and has adapted fontsize to improve
readability on Television screens. It shares the section collapsing idea of the
iphone interface.

* Simple style (for SonyE, PSP, PS3, Kindle, OperaMini, and basically all other
non-touch based or small screen devices).
**Most of these devices use XHTML MP and with the exception of OperaMini don't
support full HTML. Some don't deal well with JS (crash). Most have keypad
navigation trough use of accesskey properties in the navigation links of wiki
**PS3 uses this skin as it has a very limited browser based on NetFront (as do
PSP and Sony Ericsson phones) 

* Third skin is WAP/WML, which clearly is even more simple and not really based
on HTML even
** This mode is not fully supported, because we don't support chunking large
pages into multiple cards/requests. Works for smaller pages though. Backup is
currently in, which does support this mode well.

* The fourth skin, you could say is a json api mode for the iphone application
(and some third party widgets and other external tools.

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