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> (In reply to comment #3)
> > That'll be the quickest way to get it implemented, but we get the most bang 
> > for
> > our buck if it's automatic.
> > 
> Chosing this path does not mean we discard any other. Apart from that, I 
> agree.

The main reason to implement it at all is to reduce bandwidth usage; as a
per-user option it's a geek curiosity, while as a default that can act on all
requests it would actually be able to have wide effect.

> > One downside as a user pref: do *all* your browsers support webp?
> Right now, there is no browser supporting WebP. There is a javascript hack out
> there that modifies webp files in a way to make the browser handle it as a 
> WebM
> video, therefor displaying it. It works on Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Well, here's the scenario I was thinking of:

a) user enables WebP thumbnails while logged in via Chrome-next

b) later, user logs into site from another computer running a different
browser, and can't see any thumbnails on the site. That browser might be a
netbook, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, game console, or a computer that doesn't
have any WebP-capable browser.

On the other hand if what the user option is for is to enable an Accept-header
check which determines which format gets used, then that's probably not a
problem -- that next login would use JPEG thumbnails.

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