--- Comment #6 from Mathias Schindler <> 2010-10-28 
19:42:59 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #5)

> Well, here's the scenario I was thinking of:
> a) user enables WebP thumbnails while logged in via Chrome-next
> b) later, user logs into site from another computer running a different
> browser, and can't see any thumbnails on the site. That browser might be a
> netbook, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, game console, or a computer that 
> doesn't
> have any WebP-capable browser.

I might have come up with another early approach that will prevent this

1. A customized user skin .js/.css file to alter any thumbnail linkn(every
<img> link to a  .jpg that starts with to another url, possibly or webptest.whateverdomain.tld) to ask the browser to get the
image from this site.

2. The js could containt a browser switch. Browser not supporting webp would
not get the altered url. If someone installs the user-mod and changes browsers,
there would not be the undesirable result you described.

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