--- Comment #2 from Derk-Jan Hartman <> 2010-10-26 21:55:34 
UTC ---
Terrible issue to investigate.....

what makes it "show" after scrolling at the very least is the monitor in some
way, because changing EmbedPlayer.MonitorRate, influences the time it takes to
get the menu back on top.

when the menu is not visible, it is BEHIND the video frame. it's not

I have excluded xiphQT, because other types of videos trigger the same problem.

I have excluded that it is a core issue of the video element, because a
overflow scroll element on top of a video element does not cause the same
problem. I have a testcase for this.

could still be z-index or other render bug in webkit, but difficult to confirm
with webkit folks, because they want a reduced testcase, which is an almost
impossible task with this complicated player.

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