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> (In reply to comment #5)
> > @Derk: Yes, I use EN-UK.
> > 
> > @Bawolff: Its probably because of the language variant, as Derk said.
> > 
> > Cant we make it to show a red "Create" on all English variants (or maybe in 
> > all
> > languages (translated of course))?
> Still not seeing the error:
> (I
> presume you meant en-GB since en-UK is not a lang code). If it is an issue 
> with
> using an english 'variant' this is something that should probably be taken up
> with the translate wiki people. (But I don't think it is as I can't reproduce
> it)

Well, in Special:Preferences in, the language variant I am using is no
doubt called "en-GB - British English".

And in your sample file link above, I clearly see a blue "Edit" tab... I can
provide a screen snapshot if there is a way...

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