--- Comment #8 from Krinkle <> 2010-11-07 22:38:31 UTC ---
I'll check the patch out tonight. A few things that come to mind which may or
may not be taken care of automatically by MediaWiki if the rc-entry is

* Ability from the API to show only recent uploads (add way to specify
rc_log_type and rc_log_action perhaps ?) - including to only show recent
unpatrolled uploads

* On Special:RecentChanges the upload log entries should show a red exclamation
mark if it's unpatrolled, and the patrolled ones should be hidden when clicking
" Hide patrolled edits" (may need rephrasing as it doesn't just show edits -
hasn't been that way for a looong time (log entries are part of RC for quite
some time)

* Just like NewPage patrolling is rarely done from RecentChanges (as it's
unpractical and doesn't provide the filtering options needed) - there is
Special:NewPages for that with options to toggle "logged-in users,  patrolled
edits and bots". The same is the case for files, patrolling files from
RecentChanges will most likely not be done as it doesn't give the info needed
(size, thumbnail, etc.). Special:NewFiles is suited for this perfectly. These
four toggle options have to be added to Special:NewFiles aswell.

* When viewing a difference view and the right-side is an upload (ie. re-upload
/ overwrite) it should show a [mark as patrolled] link in the diff-frame just
like it does for edits (was done for edits in diff in r24607 )

* Although edits are mostly not new pages, the contrary is with uploads where
the majority are 'new' and not 're-uploads'. Which means bug 15936 -like
situations (where going to the oldid of the first revision of a file would
-not- show the [mark] link) are unacceptable in my opinion, without it it's
pretty useless. 


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