--- Comment #108 from Rich Farmbrough <> 2010-11-19 
14:49:13 UTC ---
I'm pretty sure it would garner extensive support.  

#Pro: less server load
#Pro: less page breakage
#Pro: easier template programming
#Pro: faster page load/render times
#Pro: less obscure limits on lengths
#Pro: less templates which work fine in test but are useless on an actual page

#Con: If we implement a scripting language we may need to migrate some stuff -
which we would anyway.

Things have moved on in four years, but we are still struggling with ancient
functionality. Wikia has more powerful facilities than the WMF projects.

I'm disappointed someone re-closed the bug, it was not re-opened lightly.

Anyone in doubt as to the importance of this bug is invited to look at VP(T)
where I believe almost half the threads are related to it.

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