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> I'm pretty sure it would garner extensive support.  
> ...
> Anyone in doubt as to the importance of this bug is invited to look at VP(T)
> where I believe almost half the threads are related to it.

You[1] are making a mistake in assuming that if the enwiki community supports a
technical change then, ipso facto, that change should be implemented,
irrespective of any 'big picture' considerations.  You're[1] not in Kansas any
more; the consensus of the enwiki community is not sovereign here.  

> I'm disappointed someone re-closed the bug, it was not re-opened lightly.

It was re-opened mistakenly under a [[WP:BRD]] principle which just doesn't
apply here.  It is perfectly acceptable to comment, where appropriate, on
closed bugs; the status applies only to the bug title, not to the discussion
underneath.  Tim has said that the status of the request "Set
$wgPFEnableStringFunctions=true on WMF wikis" is WONTFIX; that conclusion
stands until something (maybe discussion under the closed bug, maybe something
else) convinces *him* or *another sysadmin of equal standing* to reconsider it.
 Someone else changing the status does not somehow reshape the world to make it

[1] I'm speaking generally, not to anyone specifically.

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