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UTC ---
Yes I know, but the id duplication is another problem (also for HTML5
conformance and for having autogenerated summaries to link to the appropriate
section when we click on them).

Yes there's an extra need for making these ID's unique (required in XHTML) by
adding some suffixes to duplicate section headings, when they exist in any
page, but this is another issue, independant of this one, that should be
handled automatically without any additional markup in the edited pages. This
duplication is extremely frequent in vote pages (with standardized subsection
headings like "Approve" or "Oppose" or "Neutral"). Adding a span tag will not
resolve the issue with the standard summaries which completely ignore this
markup in the autogenerated anchors.

Here we were speaking about invalid characters, and it is clear that a valid ID
must not contain any dot (and at least must not start with it), and that
converting them using ".XX" hex sequences for each non-ASCII UTF-8-encoded
character is also not needed in most cases (an ID can perfectly accept
non-ASCII letters without this extra encoding to ASCII on top of UTF-8).
Really, the generated IDs should be the same and compatible for direct use in
URLs, or in CSS selectors, or for the XML syntax. This is possible, but it will
require a better encoding than the bogous current one, plus the general need to
make them unique by adding some suffixes for duplicates.

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