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(In reply to comment #37)
> But HTML5 does NOT deprecate the compatibility with XML and it explciitly says
> that it will support TWO syntaxes for its serialization : the historical
> SGML-based HTML syntax, AND the XML syntax.

Correct.  However, the id element is not defined as an XML Name in HTML5's XML

> In other words, the XML contraints on names continue to apply to HTML5 for
> strict conformance, otherwise it will not be possible to use an XML parser for
> it, or to embed HTML5 in an XML document.

You're mistaken.  There is no conformance mode in HTML5 that prohibits id=".",
nor any notion of "strict conformance" defined anywhere in HTML5.  And XML
parsers can handle such id's just fine.  It will not validate in a DTD that
makes id="" a Name, but HTML5 has no DTD, so this is fine.

> But as soon as you'll want to
> build a schema for your XML parsed document, it will be impossible to use
> anything else than the XML type name that restricts its value, if you want the
> compatibility with schemas built for XHTML 1.0, unless you make this "id"
> atribute into an unrestricted text type.

Correct.  Any DTD that's compatible with HTML5's requirements will make "id" an
unrestricted text type.  Any DTD that restricts it to Name will incorrectly
declare valid HTML5 documents to be invalid.

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