--- Comment #3 from Bawolff <> 2010-12-13 23:25:36 UTC ---
The proposed solution on (if i can understand this right. Google
translate for german sucks very very badly) is to add: wfMsgForContent(
'nbsp-before-word' ) => '\\1&nbsp;\\2' to the $fixtags array in ~ line 302 of
Parser::parse in includes/parser/Parser.php. In other words, have a system
message with a regex to tell mediawiki where to put the non-breaking spaces.

This seems like a bad idea. First someone is bound to put an invalid regex in
there (that could probably be worked around by checking for validity). Allowing
the users to add an arbitrary regex that gets executed on all text when parsing
seems like begging for someone to put something evil in there. Regexes are
powerful, you can do quite computationally intensive thingies with them,
sometimes without meaning to.

Additionally, mistakes could cause quite a mass of confusion. If someone for
example set nbsp-before-word to be /./ say (or anything where they forgot the
brackets), that would make the parser output only nonbreaking spaces, and break
the entire site which would be quite disruptive.

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