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21:56:41 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> The proposed solution on [...] is to add: wfMsgForContent(
> 'nbsp-before-word' ) => '\\1&nbsp;\\2' to the $fixtags array in ~ line 302 of
> Parser::parse in includes/parser/Parser.php.

Right. Or even better:

  wfMsgForContent('auto-thinspace') => '\\1<span
style="margin-left:0.167em"><span style="display:none">&nbsp;</span></span>\\2'

This leads to thin spaces which are compatible with all common browsers, see
(the span-solution is the column called "Übergangslösung")

Regarding the problems Bawolff mentioned, this is very similar to other
regexp-based extensions like the spam-blacklist, the title-blacklist and the
abuse filter (aka edit filter).
Of ourse only admins should be allowed to edit the regexps. And they have to be
very careful, that's true; at least as careful as if they were editing the sbl,
tbl or af.

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