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> (In reply to comment #18)
> > Has it actually been shown that the current hacks really are slow? They're 
> > ugly
> > hacks, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're actually slow in real
> > applications. They're almost certainly comparatively slower than native 
> > string
> > functions, but if the difference is only 50ms, then "faster" wouldn't be a 
> > good
> > argument.
> Well, I suppose it depends how broadly you define "hacks." But it takes over 
> 30
> _seconds_ to render [[Barack Obama]]
> (<>),
> largely due to the use of overblown and obnoxious templates like
> [[Template:Cite]], from my understanding. I don't know of anyone who thinks
> this is acceptably fast.

I'm referring to the string hacks. I'm aware that the cite templates are slow.
However, while the Obama article uses nearly 200 different templates, none of
them appear to to be in [[Category:String manipulation templates]], which would
be the ones improved by string parser functions.

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