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            Summary|truncate sortkey when       |action=parse shows
                   |adding to ParserOutput      |different sortkey then one
                   |                            |outputted by
                   |                            |prop=categories (prefix vs
                   |                            |actual binary sortkey)

--- Comment #3 from Bawolff <> 2011-01-07 01:03:38 UTC ---
On second thought, even if it was truncated in ParserOutput, the api would
still output the wrong sortkey on action=parse, because its outputting the
equivalent of cl_sortkey_prefix, not cl_sortkey. The question is, should it be
outputting the prefix, or the final (binary) sortkey?

Does anyone know how these values are actually used in practise (so which is
appropriate?). Perhaps we should output both? I'm leaning towards outputting
the final binary sortkey here, but I could also imagine someone would have use
for the human readable sort key as well, so I'm unsure.

cc'ing Aryeh Gregor in case he has any thoughts on this, seeing as he did most
of the category stuff.

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