--- Comment #5 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2011-01-07 
17:01:19 UTC ---
The way they're used in practice is that if cl_sortkey_prefix is empty, then
cl_sortkey = $wgContLang->convertToSortkey( page_title ).  Otherwise,
cl_sortkey = $wgContLang->convertToSortkey( cl_sortkey_prefix . "\0" .
page_title ).  See Title::getCategorySortkey() and

cl_sortkey is in general an arbitrary binary string which may bear no
discernible relationship to the original page title or sortkey prefix, once we
start using proper ICU or CLDR or whatever for sortkeys.  So I can't imagine
why anyone would want the actual value; logically, you'd only want to sort by

I don't know why you'd want cl_sortkey_prefix either, for that matter (although
it is going to be human-readable text).  I can't see any use for it other than
constructing cl_sortkey.  Do you know of anyone who actually wants or uses

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