--- Comment #2 from Michael Dale <> 2011-01-12 18:06:22 UTC ---
We did originally work on getting oggz_chop ( server side video segmentation) 
integrated on Wikimedia but ultimately were not successful in integration
because of scalability concerns. We were successful in helping get it
integrated at see a blog post I wrote about the feature a
while back

What can easily add to the Timed Media Handler is http based seeks. This would
seek to the start time then stop at the end time ( but the browser would buffer
more than it needs since there is presently no way in the HTML5 spec to stop
the video from buffering ). But it would be a good start, and depending on how
the temporal url standard develops and the amount of time and interest we can
upgrade the http based seek system to better handle start / end times. 

Will update this bug once I have the feature in the TimedMediaHandler code

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