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> We did originally work on getting oggz_chop ( server side video segmentation) 
> integrated on Wikimedia but ultimately were not successful in integration
> because of scalability concerns. We were successful in helping get it
> integrated at see a blog post I wrote about the feature a
> while back
> What can easily add to the Timed Media Handler is http based seeks. This would
> seek to the start time then stop at the end time ( but the browser would 
> buffer
> more than it needs since there is presently no way in the HTML5 spec to stop
> the video from buffering ). But it would be a good start, and depending on how
> the temporal url standard develops and the amount of time and interest we can
> upgrade the http based seek system to better handle start / end times. 
> Will update this bug once I have the feature in the TimedMediaHandler code

Thanks Michael. As an example of a way that this modification could help in
verification on Wikisource (as seen, for example, I've put together a page
which features a silent film The time
location seen on the left could link to the portion which is defined by the
start and end times, and allow for Wikisource to validate either text which
appears on screen or for the transcription of the audio.

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