--- Comment #24 from Platonides <> 2011-01-16 17:35:49 UTC 
(In reply to comment #21)
> one thing i noticed, wiki-links are special in this regard:
> > {{A|[[Foobar=World|Example link 1]]}}
> here the entire link is interpreted as parameter {{{1}}}.
> but external links are not:
> > {{A|[ Example link 2]}}
> this input is interpreted as one parameter named 
> > [
> with value
> > World Example link 2]
> seems like the easiest thing would be to make both cases "special" and (beyond
> consideration as part of a parameter name).

That's easily doable by adding a new preprocessor rule for one [.
However, it would change the AST of hundreds of templates, and still not fix
the basic problem: {{A|}}.

> > {{A|}}
> so for this to be helpful where it matters the new template behavior must take
> "foobar=World" in its entirety as the first unnamed parameter {{{1}}} if/when
> the template contains no references to parameter {{{foobar}}}. 

That's the same as proposed in comment #15.

I'm sympathetic with the idea of a potential {{{ {{{1}}} }}} breaking change,
since wikitext is not a programming language, and dereferencing goes quite too

An efficient list of all the of that would mean bumping the preprocessor
version to additionally generate a list with used parameters, not only to avoid
the O(n) search of parameters, but also so that expanding just a subnode is

It'd be much easier to make numeric parameters indexes absolute (cf Roan
comment #9) but the huge template breakage prevents it.

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