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(In reply to comment #24)
> That's easily doable by adding a new preprocessor rule for one [.
> However, it would change the AST of hundreds of templates, and still not fix
> the basic problem: {{A|}}.

yeah but splitting a bare url like this one:
> {{A|}} <!-- needs "1=" -->
or a page title like this one
> {{A|Foo=Bar}} <!-- needs "1=" --> still more expectable (i.e. less astonishing) than splitting a long-form
external link syntax like this one:
> {{A|[]}}
but not splitting a long-form internal link syntax like this one:
> {{A|[[Foo=Bar|Foo=Bar]]}}

the first examples must be interpreted as plain text so that links may be
formed of them inside the template (even though the first renders identically
to the third in isolation). however i see no reason not to consider both the
third and fourth as fully-formed links.

disallowing certain punctuation in parameter names is a great shoulda-thought-
about-that-earlier idea, but is independent of the disparity between internal-
and external-style links in the effective order of syntax precedence.

perhaps the latter issue ought to be raised on a separate ticket.

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