--- Comment #2 from Sasan700 <> 2011-01-20 01:36:30 UTC ---
There is a problem in the space-names. Almost all of space-names as categories,
discussions, participations and shablons (template) on the Chechen language are
staying incorrectly. Some Islandman was translating them (User: Girdi). Even
though he doesn't know the language of the beginner it looked like he was using
dictionary because of direct translations without the meaning. I was asking the
administrators regarding the same issue in for publishing my
recorrections that I've done 7 months ago. They aren't published yet. And
because of this problem the work can't be continued though its categorization.
And for the next time, I would like to ask you, if you can check the person who
is translating whether he speaks his native language or not.

I'm asking you to make some changes in the Chechen Wikipedia:

$namespaceNames = array(
    NS_MEDIA         => 'Медиа',
    NS_SPECIAL       => 'Белхан',
    NS_TALK          => 'Дийцаре',
    NS_USER          => 'Декъашхо',
    NS_USER_TALK     => 'Декъашхон_дийцаре',
    NS_PROJECT_TALK  => '{{GRAMMAR:genitive|$1}}_дийцаре',
    NS_FILE          => 'Хlум',
    NS_FILE_TALK     => 'Хlуман_дийцаре',
    NS_MEDIAWIKI     => 'MediaWiki',
    NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK=> 'MediaWiki_дийцаре',
    NS_TEMPLATE      => 'Куцкеп',
    NS_TEMPLATE_TALK => 'Куцкеп_дийцаре',
    NS_HELP          => 'Гlо',
    NS_HELP_TALK     => 'Гlон_дийцаре',
    NS_CATEGORY      => 'Кадегар',
    NS_CATEGORY_TALK => 'Кадегар_дийцаре',
    NS_PORTAL        => 'Ков',
    NS_PORTAL_TALK   => 'Ков_дийцаре',

$namespaceAliases = array(
    'Декъашхо_йу'         => NS_USER,
    'Декъашхо_йу_дийцаре' => NS_USER_TALK,
    'ВП'                  => NS_PROJECT,
    'Сурт'                => NS_FILE,
    'Сурт_дийцаре'        => NS_FILE_TALK,

Thank you very much.

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