--- Comment #4 from Sasan700 <> 2011-01-20 03:37:50 UTC ---
There is a link for discussions, on 29th of April 2010
( I touched all themes
and wrote them in Chechen language (using latin letters). I don't think that
you will understand our discussions. I was writing to all administrators who
were only three. And they weren't active in here and had mistakes in grammars.
One of them is a user:Girdi, from Island, He isn't a Chechen. All of these
admins agreed on even though they understand nothing and aren't active enough;
User: Shatoidil, User: Nohcho and User: Kade. 

And there is a user: Dagger who was talking
( before and from whom I asked to
write in English so he agreed 
User:Mega_programmer whom I know and he also may agree in discussion in Chechen

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