--- Comment #4 from 2011-02-12 01:41:56 UTC ---
Ah, I didn't mention browser.  It is SeaMonkey. (v2.0.2, will upgrade to latest

I just tried wikipedia again, and it's still doing it (any page does it).

To specify, I'm using a soft firewall (Symantec).  I block outbound connections
to those 2 servers, and this symptom appears.  If I turn off the blocking rule
(using a toggle in the firewall software--trust me, it's pretty simple), they
render fine.  Turn the rule back on, the pages render without formatting again.

Keep in mind, the article content is delivered, such as TOC links, refs,
pictures, etc.  But the wikipedia logo and the rest of what appears to be the
article formatting template, horizontal rules, the table border around the TOC
if there is one, etc. are what's missing.

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