--- Comment #3 from 2011-02-18 12:02:11 UTC ---
To Guillom :
When you say "This wouldn't be possible in all browsers if we didn't upload the
file first"(1), you confess that you prefer to create a tool with a defective
workflow (allow the user to upload without first asking for a license / author
/ description) because of some technical limitations.

So you are caught doing the very thing you denounce a few lines lower saying
"Much of the complexity of the original form was in explaining how to work
around various defects of the form itself".

Instead of creating a series of browser-specific tools that could work well,
you prefer to create a single defective tool that can work with more than one

Where is the benefit in replacing an allegedly defective (3) form by a
defective tool ?

First create something that works perfectly for Internet Explorer whose market
share is the largest (2). Then, if it is OK, let's create another similar one
for Firefox, Chrome and the other browsers.

(3) I am not at all sure it is as defective as you say

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