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--- Comment #9 from MZMcBride <> 2011-02-18 21:34:18 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> Finally, I'd just like to restate that we don't really know if UploadWizard 
> (in
> its current form) is the total answer to our problems. But there is a definite
> usability issue with Commons uploading, and this is our attempt at a partial
> solution. 
> If and when it is finally introduced as the default interface, or in some A/B
> test, we will be monitoring the situation closely, and we hope those in the
> community will work with us to iron out any issues.

I don't see anything "invalid" about this bug, so I'm re-opening it for now.

When there's actual evidence that the new UploadWizard's interface and
processes work better than the current Commons' model, it _might_ make sense to
mark this bug as "resolved." Right now, there's a lot of talk, but there
appears to be very little actual evidence to support the claims being made.
("Evidence" is being used here to mean that there is hard data available to be
reviewed by the Commons community and others.)

Personally, I think allowing a user to upload a file and then asking them to
release the rights seems like a workflow (and possibly legal) issue: if the
user doesn't first understand the upload agreement, how can they possibly enter
into it or modify the terms later? It also does seem completely
counter-intuitive and backward.

In addition to these issues, there's the issue alluded to in the opening post
about whether or not this change was even desired by the Commons community.
There's been no evidence to suggest that the process that Commons designed and
implemented is ready to be replaced by the Commons community. While usability
is great, so is wiki sovereignty. If the Commons community wants to keep their
upload form the way it is (even if it's awful), it really isn't the place of
Wikimedia (backed by a grant or not) to overrule them.

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