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I agree. This request is poorly specified. For one, labels, descriptions, and sitelinks are not properties. Also how should these property values be handled? There are many property data types where the data is not necessarily a single scalar value. Also property claims can have unknown or no value in addition to a value. This ignores what to do when there are multiple property claims for the same property (or any comment about ranks) and is unclear how qualifiers or references should or should not be handled by this interface (although the second line in the description of this task quotes a qualifier access).

I also disagree with the perception that traversals of statements, claims, qualifiers, references, or snaks are somehow heavy and/or hazardous. This is semi-structured data and as such it is nontrivial to traverse without a semi-structured query language (e.g., SPARQL, XPath, etc.). We already have large Lua convenience libraries for processing these data. Short of adding some sort of query language to the Wikibase client Scribunto interface, I do not see this as something that is missing (unless I am somehow misunderstanding the request).



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