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This code example is quite unfortunate. It works around all performance optimizations the Wikidata team implemented in the past weeks and months. Is this from a Lua module actually used somewhere, and if so, can you please provide a link?

Thanks for updating this tasks description. Unfortunately I still don't understand the idea behind the majority of what you are suggesting. For example, what is 'P21' ) supposed to return? What should be returned when all the method gets is a Q-ID? Whats the difference to the existing mw.wikibase.getEntityObject( 'Q34743' )? How would you distinguish between the pseudo-property "label" and a property that's actually called "label"? What is "Q", and how do you distinguish this from

F13706389: solid-principles-4-728.jpg

What are the use cases you have in mind? I really think we need to go back multiple steps, away from specific suggestions, and collect your use cases first. Can you please provide links to specific templates and explain the features they need?



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