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Currently, term_search_key is still used for TermSqlIndex’ implementation of the LabelConflictFinder interface – to find entities with the same label and description (you’re not allowed to produce such conflicts when editing or creating entities). Before we can wipe the column, we need to decide what to do with this – we can either add another LabelConflictFinder implementation based on Cirrus/Elastic, or use term_text instead of term_search_key in conflict detection (and accept that “foo” and “foO” will no longer be detected as a conflict).

After that:

  • write empty values if search uses Cirrus/Elastic
  • add maintenance script to wipe the columns (in batches, etc.) – not yet sure if this should be part of update.php
  • add maintenance script to re-populate the columns and note in docs/ that admins who disable Cirrus/Elastic again must make sure to run this script



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