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Before we can wipe the column, we need to decide what to do with this – we can either add another LabelConflictFinder implementation based on Cirrus/Elastic, or use term_text instead of term_search_key in conflict detection (and accept that “foo” and “foO” will no longer be detected as a conflict).

Some more information – using term_text doesn’t only mean case sensitivity in the search, it also means that «thé» and «thé» will be considered different (one uses a precomposed character, one a combining diacritic), or “foo” and “‎foo” (the second one starts with an LTR mark), or “foo” and “foo ”. The term_search_key normalization takes care of all that for us (Unicode normalization, removal of control characters, stripping of leading and trailing whitespace, and finally case conversion).

@Lydia_Pintscher any opinion on this? Do you think it’s acceptable to detect conflicts based only on the pure, non-normalized term text?



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